Insane Mod: A Stove Turned Into A Cross-Culture Stereo

Right now I am just wondering what I can turn into something awesome over here. Not that I would do it, or even have the time to, but it just hit me that pretty much everything can become… well anything. Not even half the mods we have presented here on Bit Rebels have I seen coming. Usually you’re a little hesitant cause you’re afraid you might get disappointed, but it seems you never are. Even this time, I dare to tell you that you won’t be disappointed at this mod cause I am quite sure you haven’t seen anything like it before. So what can you make of a old and used stove?

Tyler Held certainly knows the answer to that question. How about a Cross-Culture Stereo to jam your music on when you have those late winter parties at your house? I would suggest though that you make sure your real stove is left alone since there is a high probability that someone might just turn it on thinking they are changing the song. And there is nothing worse than having your party interrupted by the fire department. Believe me!

If you think there’s a lot that goes into making something like this, I am happy to inform you that there is not. Or at least, there is less stuff when compared to the original stove. So get rid of that old hunk of metal in the kitchen and upgrade to the illest looking stereo in the world instead. Who needs food, right?