Intricate Rope Chair Proves To Be…Awesome!

I am such a geek when it comes to interior design and geeky stuff. There, I said it. All you (2 people) that thought I was all cool and tough, well I am sorry but I am just a geek. Simple as that. And when I saw this chair, especially the last image in the series, my jaw dropped to the floor for a second. I am a math fanatic and need to have my daily dose of mathematical problems in order to feel alive. This certainly gave me one.

It’s not so much the design itself; however, it is awesome as well, but it’s the fact that it is created as a folding chair with ropes holding it all together. I can’t imagine how long it must have taken to design and calculate in order to get it all in place looking the way it does.

Sure, you could simply carve it out and push a rope in the gap. But where’s the contest in that really, huh? Nah, I’d like to believe that it is all calculated with pressure, weight and stability all in one equation. Either way, it’s a heck of a cool chair that you just need to loosen the ropes on in order to fold when you’re on the go. Huge props to the designer Yoav Reches for coming up with this design and shape. It deserves two words that I haven’t said in a while now… awesomeness defined.