iPhone Case Lets You Add Bricks To Its Exterior

I remember not too long ago there was a Pentax camera which enabled you to add nano blocks its exterior, and it got mixed reviews. Some loved it because if its many variations of customizations, while some frowned on the idea and asked themselves why in the world they would want their camera to be even larger in the first place. While neither viewpoint is solely true or false, I have to admit that I don’t quite see the point in the enlargement of a camera that is supposed to fit in your pocket.

But that again, that is just my own humble opinion really. Sure, I am always for personalization and customization, but when it comes at the expense of size and usability, it’s probably not the best of approaches. But then again, it’s always good to get a new grip on the consumers with some outrageous gadget like the Pentax Nano Brick camera. At least you will get their attention.

So, this leads me to wonder if that is exactly the point when I saw the SmallWorks BrickCase. It’s a new skin for the iPhone, which once again, reignites those childhood dreams of building the ultimate gadget yourself. The internal technology stays the same; however, you can probably create some really cool effects with the bricks you add to it which make the photos come out really interesting.

But after pondering the idea for a few minutes, I am left with the same impression as with the Pentax camera. Why? I mean, the iPhone is slim, beautiful and quite frankly, cocky in its design, so why ruin that with the ability to make it large, junky and odd? Well, I guess it’s all about that customization again. But for $19.99, maybe that doesn’t matter much. What’s your opinion?