iPhone Hoodies: Dress Your iPhone In Style

Have you noticed that people get really, really attached to their iPhones? I switched from an Android phone to an iPhone earlier this month, and I’m already completely attached to mine. I take him… err… it everywhere. I feel lost without my iPhone, and I know a lot of people feel the same way.

Since our smartphones connect us with the outside world via Twitter, Facebook, and many other sites, they truly become our companions. We’ve all heard the cute saying, “I love my computer because my friends live in it.” Our smartphones are our mini-computers, and we love them dearly.

Now there is a way we can keep our iPhones happy and comfortable as they travel throughout the day with us. These are cozy little hoodies will give your iPhone some style. Whether your iPhone is a hoodlum or preppy, you can choose a hoodie to fit his or her personality. Splashing Koi designed these, and they fit the iPhones, Blackberries, iPods, mp3 players, etc… You can get more details about these little cuties or even buy one at Splashing Koi’s Etsy Store. If you would like to wear a hoodie to match your iPhone, but you don’t know how to wear it with swagger, check out 3 Stylish Ways To Wear Your Hoodies.

Dress iPhone iPod In Style

Dress iPhone iPod In Style

iPhone iPod iTouch mp3 Hoodie

iPod and iPhone Hoodie Cases

Image Credit: [College Fashion] [Etsy] Via: [Technabob]