iPod Hoodie Cute or Not?

We always seem to find ways to dress up our iPods.  As Technabob says ” Some people find clothes for things that aren’t meant to wear clothes (i.e. everything non-human) cute, perhaps even cool. I’m not as enthusiastic about the idea, but to each his own right? If we already have chihuahua wigs or cat dresses, then I guess gadget clothing isn’t so bad. Presenting: iPod Hoodies”.

I think the Hoodie is quiet cute and really geeky.  It would certainly catch the attention of anyone who sees you carrying your iPod. I t comes in two sizes, Large – for iPod Classic, iPod Touch and iPhone – and Small – for everything smaller than the ones mentioned. No other colors or prints are available. Yet. Order your iPod’s very own hoodie at Lazybone UK for £8 ($10.90 USD).