Is This The Secret To Happiness? | Inspiring Poster Art

What is the secret to happiness? I guess the answer to this question would depend on who you ask. Happiness means different things to different people, but in the end, I think we all just want to feel alive and full of joy. I am inspired by any type of interactive design because it brings people together and makes them think. This very cool poster art, entitled “Public Poster Project” was the manifestation of three friends who wanted to encourage people in their town to think about happiness and what it means to them.

According to, it is “a collaboration between three gifted photographers; Egor Bashakov, Karina Eibatova and The Dopludo Collective named ‘Public Poster Project.’ It has provoked thoughts amongst the finest of philosophers.” I’ve read in some places that this took place in Bohuslän, Sweden (on the Swedish west coast) and I’ve also read that it was here in the States in Oregon (although it doesn’t look like it is in the States). Either way, the people in their town were touched deeply by these messages because this happened over a year ago and a half ago and it’s still causing quite a buzz.

I caught this in two separate tweets this week, one from @fjfonseca and in another one from @marysoul. Thank you my friends! Of course, on the first picture below, the answer to happiness is ripped off the sign. Hmm… do you think that was done on purpose? It was quite ingenious if it was because people are having a lot of fun filling in that blank. Enjoy!