Lego Shadow Design – The Ultimate Inspiration

You already know how much we adore Lego at Bit Rebels, and this ad campaign is just another reason why. Apparently this came out a few years ago, but I just saw it for the first time today, and I absolutely have to share it with you. It is a classic worth remembering.

The simplicity and pureness of this message matches the simple awesomeness of the Lego blocks themselves. Just like we often look into the sky and create a story for the images we see in the clouds, these Lego shadows offer us the same opportunity for creative thinking.

These ads were designed by Blattner Brunner. I love the colors, the shapes and the whole concept. No wonder so many people are still writing about this several years later. According to mymodernmet, “Using shadows, they tell us that it’s simply our imagination that makes these blocks come alive and, that through our experience, we can see anything through them.” It doesn’t get much better than this. Very, very well done.