Lego Stilettos: A Geek Girl’s Dream Come True

I only have two things to say about these dreamy shoes. 1) Hale yes 2) There are only going to be twelve pairs made, and I’m getting a pair. I will knock your punk ass down if you get in my way. I know, there is no need to get violent, but cut me some slack. After all, have you ever seen such a glorious stiletto specimen? These have got to be every geek girl’s dream come true.

We’ve seen Lego fashion before. However, these are very different. Most of the time shoes like this are made for display, not to actually wear. Usually we see pictures of them on a shelf in some trendy L.A. office belonging to someone trying to pose as a geek. Authentic geeks know the real deets, and being a geek isn’t about pretending, it’s about showing the world who you really are. These super fabulous Lego stilettos do just that. Geeky shoes should be made to wear, not display. Nobody puts these Lego shoes in the corner. They are real shoes!

Sure, I could probably spend an entire weekend, a few bottles of super glue, and a whole bucket of Legos attaching these colorful little bricks of geeky goodness to some random shoes. But, why would I do that when I can just purchase them from Finn Stone’s new Spring 2011 collection? If you are a Lego fanatic like me, you also might enjoy these other Lego inspired fashions. Thank you to my Twitter friend @_Sue_Ross for showing these to me!

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Via: [Craft] Header image Credit: [hbas / Shutterstock]