Lighting Design Tips – A Quick Guide

Interior lighting plays an important role, both practical and aesthetic. Various decorative lamps, various lighting methods, and light directions – all this helps to create a unique atmosphere and comfort in a house or apartment.

Light itself has many different characteristics that affect how humans perceive it. So, what matters is the brightness of the light, color, the type of distribution of the light flow, etc. Interior lighting design is based on the development of the optimal balance of natural and artificial lighting for different rooms.

For example, in the kitchen or in the office, it is necessary to create, first of all, a functional working environment; therefore, with a lack of natural light sources (in other words, windows), it is necessary to compensate for it with artificial lamps. As a rule, ceiling lamps are used for these purposes, as well as local lamps, which allow increasing the illumination of the required working area.

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A positive emotional attitude is important in the bedroom. Therefore, the design of lighting in the interior of the bedroom should contribute to the creation of such a mood: the furnishings of the bedroom should be comfortable and calm. For this, dim lamps are used for the bedroom interior.

Interior design includes, at the stage of creating project documentation, the calculation of optimal artificial lighting, as well as drawing up a plan for the placement of lighting fixtures and switches. When drawing up the plan, various factors are taken into account, such as brightness, type of lighting fixture used, light distribution methods, etc.

LEDs, fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps are the main types of lamps used in interior design. Incandescent lamps give bright “warm” light of yellow shades, and luminescent – “cold” bluish light, close in spectrum to natural (therefore, such lamps are called fluorescent lamps). LEDs allow you to make light accents.

Accents can be used for creating a special atmosphere in the interior and precisely can be used for highlighting some of the special and interesting furniture pieces. A fashionable armchair or some interesting antique table can become the room’s visual center thanks to the accent lighting.

If you don’t have any eye-catching furniture piece, you can think about purchasing one, because this approach to the lighting and furnishing makes a unique effect. Nyfurnitureoutlets is one of the online furniture shops that can help you with finding a distinguishing one furniture piece that deserves to be the room’s center under the accent light.

The light emitted by the luminaires can be direct, diffused, or reflected. Combinations of different light distribution methods are widely used in design to obtain the desired visual effects. So, using bright lighting, you can visually bring the far wall closer and make an overly elongated room more proportional. If it is necessary to “narrow” an unnecessarily wide room, then the light flow is directed to one of the longitudinal walls.

When designing lighting design in the interior, it is imperative to take into account the natural illumination of the interior. For example, in rooms with no windows at all (this sometimes happens), lighting design is more important than ever: you need not only to achieve optimal illumination but also to create psychologically comfortable conditions.

So, imitation of a window with a light source installed behind it will help to “deceive” the eye in such cases. You can also use “sky landscapes” well for ceiling lighting. This will give the impression of a glass roof over your head and eliminate the feeling of a closed space.

Interior lighting design is not only the choice of the most practical arrangement of lighting fixtures in the interior but also the choice of the design of the fixtures themselves. Decorative lamps can perfectly support both classic interior styles and add an unusual touch to modern interior design.

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