Little Itty Bitty Babies | Baby Sculptures

Artist Camille Allen uses her incredible talent to create these precious little babies. She learned this type of sculpting from her husband’s grandmother. She begins with a ball of polymer clay, and spends many hours patiently sculpting to create the babies you see below. The hair is made from fine strand English mohair. I can only imagine the skill it requires to make these miniature babies looks so realistic.

I remember years ago seeing the art of Camille Allen circulating in email. People were saying that these tiny babies were made out of Marzipan, and therefore edible, which was creepy then and it’s still creepy now.

Thank goodness snopes put everyone’s mind to rest when they declared the pictures real, but the description false. They are made out of clay, not Marzipan. You can read about that here. Camille’s art reminds me of one of my favorite photographers, Anne Geddes, who is known for photographing little babies in very creative ways. You can visit Camille’s website to learn more about her and her babies at All of these babies are one of a kind, and each one has a name. Thank you, Camille, for sharing your beautiful gift with the world and for melting our hearts.