Los Angeles Zoo: Creative Ad Campaign In The Name Of Geek

One of the most creative industries must be advertising.  Designing ideas and coming up with good ad campaigns must be a truly rewarding job if everything falls into place.  When it doesn’t, I can imagine that you would want to switch jobs in an instant.  But when things work out, it certainly must feel good to have come up with the initial idea for it.

There are so many really boring ad campaigns out there that I sometimes wonder why someone even paid a person to think them up.  And, sometimes I wonder why it even ran in the first place.  I mean honestly, all those razor shaving commercials, could they be anymore boring?  Just because they add another blade and then call it something new and futuristic doesn’t mean the ad automatically becomes interesting to watch.

That’s not the case when it comes to the Los Angeles Zoo.  They have managed to think up one of the most creative advertising campaigns I have seen in quite a while.  Not only does it speak to us through the exotic animals they house, but they also poke at the curious kid in all of us.

Using 3D software, they have managed to create some stunningly geeky artwork that portrays animals with computers, pens and magazines.  It sounds unearthly I know, but when you look at the ads, it becomes natural and quite expected in a weird way.  Maybe it’s the geek speaking in me, but these are surely fine prints from a kick ass ad campaign.

Elephant By Computers Accessories

Owl by Magazines News Papers

Monkey Created With Color Pens

Via: [Ads Of The World]