Magical Foam Artwork Made with a Sharpie

What can you do with a sharpie and a styrofoam cup? If you ask Cheeming Boey, you can do a lot. He started doodling on these cups with a sharpie in 2006. Long story short, he is now selling these cups around the world for hundreds of dollars each.

Many people raise an eyebrow when they see this art created on a material that will be polluting an ocean somewhere in years to come, but according to, it’s good to create lasting art that won’t be thrown away. Cheeming says, “These cups last thousands of years, and my Sharpie says its permanent ink. These things are going to last generations. It’s archival material.”

Like many creative artists, he discovered his talent by accident. He was bored in a coffee shop, he wanted to doodle, he didn’t have any paper, so he grabbed an empty cup, and the rest is history. Just for the record, he also draws on banana skins.

You can read this fabulous interview with him on the Sharpie blog: And, you can see more of his artwork on his flickr page here:

This is a time lapse video showing how he creates these designs: