Make The Band: Stunning Rock Band Stage Set Paper Cut-Outs

If you’re one of those people fanatically gripping that guitar when playing Guitar Hero or singing at the top of your lungs every chance you get, this is totally for you. Some people just ooze creativity and everything they touch turns into something amazing and stunning. Paper can be one of the most wonderful tools you could ever work with, but it can also be quite a strain on your patience. Time is what is needed if you are to create something really awesome out of paper, and that’s exactly what this magnificent designer has done.

Iracema Travisan from Paris, France truly knows how to bend, cut-out and color a simple piece of paper to make even your wildest fantasies to come true. If you have been dreaming about becoming a rockstar, but you don’t harbor the talent, then this is your ticket.

With just a pair of scissors, some glue and a few cheap light sources, you will have the coolest stage setup ever. You can even put yourself right in the middle of it and snap some pictures to further impress your friends and loved ones. Add a few nice retouches on Photoshop and voila, you’re a rockstar. We’ve seen many paper created stage sets throughout the lifetime of Bit Rebels, but this one has to be one of the coolest. It’s truly amazing, and you get to move around the instruments and gear all by yourself. Let those dreams be fulfilled, become a rockstar today!