McCreepy Ronald McDonald Pictures – I’m Not Lovin It

Clowns are evil. I’ve always thought that. Clowns make babies cry, they freak out adults, they have a ridiculous red sponge for a nose, they wear way too much makeup, and they are always sneaking around plotting their next practical joke. Pure evil.

Yesterday my son had an event at his school and guess what showed up? A clown. This wasn’t just any clown; it was one of the worst ones. It wasn’t Pennywise or The Joker, but almost just as bad. It was Ronald McDonald. Immediately the little kids ran to their moms, many of them screaming, and I thought, “Oh, nice, let the childhood trauma begin.”

I decided to dedicate this article to the creepiest pictures I could find of Ronald McDonald so everyone could see his true colors. He is an annoying and friggin creepy as hell clown that has been around for way too long. If you hate clown as much as I do, you can sign up for a free @IHateClowns email address here. And if these pictures aren’t all you need for a nice healthy nightmare tonight, then check out this Evil Clown Face Generator.

Thanks for the pictures: