Memories of Grandfather | Beautiful Cigarette Smoke Art

I’ve always thought smoke is beautiful. It’s memorizing to watch when it innocently floats through the air and then dissipates into nothingness.

I remember being a child and seeing my Grandfather’s cigarette smoke make unique designs when he exhaled. He never even noticed those designs, but I saw ever one, and I always thought they were so beautiful, almost as if they were alive.

It’s fascinating to me how the smoke can make elusive shapes full of twists and turns. Whether it is natural smoke or the Photoshop variety, I love it. Some people think smoke is a bad thing, symbolizing fire and danger, but I think it is truly beautiful. I hope you enjoy this smoke art as much as I have.

If you would like to create your own Photoshop smoke images, here is a link just for you: 12 Useful Photoshop Tutorials on Smoke Effect

Thank you for the wonderful photos!