Nagi Noda’s Hair Hats: Still Inspiring After Her Death

These hair hats are so much fun! Japanese designer, Nagi Noda, created them in her typical eccentric style. Nagi died a few years ago at the young age of 35 after complications in surgery after a car accident. I was a fan of her outrageous art and style, and when I was reading about her today, I discovered she even planned her own fashion for her own death.

According to this article on Tokyo Mango, apparently she knew ahead of time that she was about to die, and she got dressed up for it. She was wearing a Mark Ryden dress, Chanel boots and Viktor and Rolf black lace eyelashes. Wow.

During her short life, she created ads for Nike and Coca-Cola; however, she is probably most famous for her hair hats. Everyone seemed to know who she was after she created a hair hat for Lady Gaga, which is pictured below. I put a selection of her other hair hats below for your enjoyment. She used animals as her inspiration, and as you see, these hats sport a rabbit, poodle, owls and even an elephant (which is my favorite). Her website is still up, even though I thought it was kinda strange at first to go there knowing she isn’t alive anymore. However, after checking out everything she obviously posted before her death, I realized she is even inspiring to me now.

Image Credits: [Design Don’t Panic, Hemmy]