Nature Meets Art: Fascinating Steampunk Bugs

We love steampunk on Bit Rebels, and these particular designs are truly brilliant. Surprisingly, there are still many people who are unfamiliar with the steampunk style. If you would like a brief explanation and some examples, you can check out A Tribute To Steampunk: An Art Movement.

These steampunk bugs are part of artist Tom Hardwidge‘s Arthrobots collection. He began creating these just a few months ago in his dining room, and the process is fascinating. According to Arthrobots, “Each Arthrobot starts its life as a series of sketches, some take their inspiration from nature, others from bits and pieces of recycled metal and beads…

Almost all traditional steampunk creations somehow incorporate old, detailed pocket watch parts like brass springs, gears or tiny bolts. Tom uses these in his designs, which make them even more interesting. I think it’s really creative how he categorizes these insects on his site according the their phylum, class and order. It’s like taking a walk back in time to my high school biology class. The detail on these is incredible. Tom obviously has a gift. It’s very inspiring!

Nature Meets Art Steampunk Insects

Nature Meets Art Steampunk Insects

Steampunk Biology Bug Lesson

Steampunk Art Grasshopper Bug

Brass Steampunk Praying Mantis

Old Pocket Watch Steampunk Insect

Via: [Oddity Central]