Nightmare Art Of Sesame Street Will Upset Your Childhood

When it comes to childhood nightmares, we all have our own experiences that we still remember. Waking up in the middle of the night scared out of our minds isn’t something we took lightly when we were kids. But as we grew older, the nightmares seemed to wear off a bit, or at least that is my own experience. Maybe we see more reason in the world when we are older than we did when we were kids. Scary drawings can come back to haunt kids when they least expect it. That becomes somewhat evident when you have a look at some nightmare art drawings that show us Sesame Street from a whole different perspective. It’s a perspective I am sure will turn your childhood memories upside down.

Artist Isaac Bidwell took on the Sesame Street characters in a way we have never seen them before, or maybe we had a peek at it yesterday when Diana write about the Bert and Ernie cosplay depicting them when they are old. It’s not a pleasant view for anyone who has fond memories of the two. This particular series of drawings can only be labeled nightmare art, and it will most likely infuse some rather unpleasant images when you start reminiscing over what you thought Sesame Street was all about as a kid.

When it comes to nightmare art, I guess Isaac is spot on with his doodles. We see our favorite characters of Sesame Street as our most feared horror movie characters, which in itself is a sight that you just want to flush out of your head within seconds. We see them take on shapes like Jason from Friday The 13th and Freddie Kruger from A Nightmare On Elm Street. These paintings will give you no other message than what Freddie has always told us, sleep kills. This nightmare art will certainly wash away any kind of fond memories you have ever had about Sesame Street, so be careful.

Nightmare Art Of Sesame Street By Isaac Bidwell


Via: [Kidcrave]