Norman Rockwell’s Famous Illustration Gets A Makeover

I’ve seen this famous Norman Rockwell print called The Runaway many times during my life. You probably have too. It’s one of those classics that still hangs in many restaurants and ice cream shops. It first appeared in 1958 on the cover of Saturday Evening Post.

One special quality about the original illustration is that it somehow captured the spirit of the America during that time in a simple yet brilliant way. It became a representation of what life was like in the late ’50s. Artist Luke Rad decided it was time to update that famous picture so it represents a more modern look at life, yet still staying true to Norman Rockwell’s style.

His remade picture is done in the spirit of Halloween. Who better to replace the police officer and the runaway boy than Spiderman and a Green Goblin? And, how perfect to make the server be a pirate. As you see, he kept a few of the details the exact same, like the old fashioned radio, the coffee pot, and the menu items. This is so much fun, and I hope Luke does more of this kind of art. You can Luke’s entire gallery of illustrations and comic art on his website.

Updated Version Of Famous Painting

Updated Version Of Famous Art

Via: [My Modern Met]