Now The Troops Can Enjoy Playing PS3 Even If In Battle!

Over here at Bit Rebels we don’t exactly have time to sit around and play all of the awesome games that get released every week, but we certainly keep track of them as best we can. Sometimes I wish I had a cool arcade cabinet at the office just like Diana (slightly jealous). But if I had one, I’d probably be on it too much, and I am sure I wouldn’t have time to even put down a couple of words for you guys to read. I know that once I start to play a game, I have to finish it before I can relax and return to my daily endeavors. So maybe its best not to venture further into that wet arcade game fantasy. I’ll just rest assure that Diana is doing her best to keep the world safe from those Space Invaders. You go girl! But not being able to play because of time restrictions is kind of lame when you think about all the troops fighting in various countries, and when they rest, they have nothing to do.

Ben Heck really wanted to change all that. He went on a mission to create the first, almost bullet proof, robust PS3 console briefcase. It’s everything a soldier would want to keep his or her mind off all those horrible things they have to go through each and every day when they are out there fighting. It’s with creativity incentives like this that the world will become a much nicer place to live. Sure, I’d vote for all the wars to have ended long ago, but the reality says another thing unfortunately.

The PS3 is dust and gravel proof, and everything in it is customized to fit the soldier’s needs when he’s in battle and just wants to get his mind off things. If this is not geeky, I don’t know what is. We should all help in the recovery of the imagination, and to end the wars that are going on. In a perfect world, soldiers would fight their battles online in some MMORPG instead. #JustSaying