Now There’s An Upside Down Use For A Boat!

As you have probably learned by now, I am a big fan of recycled uses of products. I could; however, be more environmentally aware than I am, but that is an entirely different article and one that I am sure you could care less about. However, when I find alternate uses of things that previously had a completely different use and then got turned around (literally) and put to good use in ways you would have never thought of, I get hooked and can’t stop reading about them.

The fishermen on the Holy Island know how to make the most out of things, and they do it with that awesome mindset that nothing is used up until there is nothing left of it. They have taken their old and battered boats that they can no longer use for their trade and flipped them around on the beaches that supply their every day food source.

Instead, they have become storage houses where they can put their nets, tools and even leftover fish that they will use as bait on their upcoming trips to mother earth’s own food store. I am sure that when the time comes and these storage facilities have become obsolete, they will become fire wood and warm up their homes. The environmental chain is complete and a new cycle begins anew. This is the thinking we should have. Maybe it doesn’t make for the most up-to-date and futuristic look and feel of the interior design, but who cares as long as we save the planet we live on. That’s something to think about.

Image Credits: [Kevin Wakelam] [jones-y-gog] [Fiona McPhie] – As they appear.