NYC meets Istanbul, a Typography story in 60 seconds

Love this Turkish edition ad for the New York Times, Turkish Edition, featured by Designflux an online mag, focusing on motion graphic design. The designers at Imago used actual pages from the first issue of Turkish Edition to create the ‘newspaper’ texture effect to portray well known landmarks of NYC and Istanbul. Not only is the design content appropriate and creative, the play on angles and movement make this commercial fun to watch. I think I’ve seen it about 7 times now, always discovering something new. This commercial was created using 3D Studio Max, After Effects, Photoshop and Dreambox and shot in 2D Cinema Resolution. To view in Cinema resolution, click here

I’ve noticed this vid is quickly becoming a must see across the interwebs, hope you enjoy it as much I do.

New York Times: Turkish Edition from Quba Michalski on Vimeo.