Odd Creations: Super Mario And Link In The Same Predicament

Posters seem to never go out of style. Sure, the format has always been the same somehow, but the motifs are ever changing and range to fit everyone young and old. Some like game posters, some like movie posters and then there’s of course artist’s posters and many, many more. It has become a way to create a more personalized living, and to warm up the empty walls you are faced with when moving into a new house. What you put there is of course up to you, but do you dare to switch it up a bit for the geekdom?

If you can’t afford a Dali or the Mona Lisa herself, then maybe you should have a look at Kenneth Botsford‘s humorous yet inspirational art. Combining skills with humor is sometimes the best way to tell a story, and Kenneth is surely a master of both. Originality also goes a long way, and that’s exactly what his work is. What else would you call it when you see Super Mario and Link in the same predicament?

His geeky art would make any gallery shine with its simple and genuine approach. You see, always when I see art like this I never stop wondering what went through the artist’s mind and what emotions he or she had when creating it. Some say nothing, and that’s why it’s so weird, while others have a long explanation to why each and every element was added. Either way, these make for some rather great geek posters. Period!