Old Tupperware Bowls Become New Retro Kitchen Lamps

Do you remember back in the old days when people used to make Jello molds? My mother used to make those when we were young. She would put canned fruit inside them and whipped cream on top. Another thing my mother used to do is go to Tupperware parties. Does anyone still do that these days? I haven’t heard of Tupperware in years, but they have a nice website, so I know they are still kickin it.

If you should ever find one of those old-fashioned Tupperware mint green Jello mold bowls in your attic or at your parent’s house, I found a great idea for what you could do with it (cause you know you’re not going to make a Jello mold with it, right?).

Etsy seller BootsNGus created a recycled MOD retro mint green Jello mold Tupperware light fixture which would be perfect in your house, especially if you have fluorescent colored shag carpet and bean bag chairs in your living room. According to Etsy, this kitchen light is attached to a 15-inch light fixture from IKEA. I really like this! For some reason, it’s putting me in the mood to watch old Brady Bunch and Leave it to Beaver reruns on TV. I can’t believe one of these just sold today for 35 bucks. What a steal!