Popular Online Colors: The Mystery Behind Black [Infographic]

I’m not a web designer, but even I know that the colors you use on your website make a huge impact on your audience. Online colors convey subtle messages to your reader about you and your brand, and if you aren’t careful, you could send them a message that isn’t in line with what you stand for. We’ve written about this at least a half dozen times, and the most recent article focused all around the color blue. You can read more about that on Why The Web’s Most Popular Color Is Blue. Today I’m shifting gears a bit to another one of those popular online colors – black.

This infographic called Deeper Essence Of Mysterious Black In Web Design (by TemplateMonster) sets out to prove that the color black is not gloomy – It’s modern, vibrant and sexy. The best part is, the story of black including how it’s used, its symbolism, and some basic dos and don’ts when using black are all explained by superheroes. This infographic is meant to be interactive, and you really can’t get the full effect unless you are able to engage the interactive version. You can click over to TemplateMonster to see all the information embedded in it.

Out of all the popular online colors, black is one of my favorites. I know blue and then red are the most popular (especially for brands), but there is a lot to be said for black too. As this infographic points out, black sends a message of formality, mystery, strength, sleekness and power. Of all the online colors, black is one of the best for conveying a sense of leadership. Another aspect of black that makes it an appealing color in web design is that it goes well with almost every other color. I love it!

Black Is One Of The Most Powerful Online Colors

To Get The Full Effect, Click Over To TemplateMonster For The Interactive Version
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Via: [Design Taxi]