Openaire: Folds From Laptop Bag Into Desk And Chair!

We have all been there and the annoyance factor is at its highest when it happens. You’re out in the field, and you decide to pop open your laptop to do some much needed work. There’s only one problem, you have nowhere comfortable to sit and landing the computer in your lap, even though it’s called a laptop, never seems to fully meet your desired need for a flat surface and a comfortable working position.

With such bad working conditions, you know you will only work in half the speed you’re capable of, and that’s exactly where it gets annoying. No matter what you do, it always seems to be that little thing that ruins a whole day’s worth of work, especially when you need to catch up on current events and make sure that your boss gets what he or she needs on time.

Luckily designer Nick Trincia has gotten to the bottom of the problem and developed the extreme solution. It’s a really cool and useful little contraption named Openaire that I think every geek will find to be one of the most important accessories of their whole outfit when they are venturing out in the outside world.

When the concept will be available for purchase isn’t mentioned, but I am sure he is working on it, and if you’re one of the interested ones, just like me, you can email him and see what the progress is. This is certainly the stuff that us geeks need to be able to fully commit to out Internet behaviors.