Origami: A Big Badass Bug Made From Paper

Do you know what a Kabuto Mushi or kabutomushi is? I never heard of that until today. It turns out, it’s a Japanese rhinoceros beetle found in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. It’s sold at pet stores, and in Japan, they can even be found in vending machines. I don’t mean crawling around in the vending machines, I mean for sale in the vending machines. Here is a Google Images link so you can see what they look like. In Japanese, kabuto means helmet and mushi means bug, so the literal translation is helmet bug. I guess in a way they’re kinda cute, if you are into bugs and all.

21 year old origami master, Shuki Kato, who’s been folding paper since he was 8, obviously likes Kabuto Mushis. He took 9 hours to fold one 44cm square piece of tracing paper into this bug, which has a 7-inch wingspan. Like many artists, Shuki is a perfectionist, so he went on to create a Kabuto Mushi version 2.0, which has a 9.5-inch wingspan.

His second version was even more incredible than the first with forelegs, eyes, new flaps, new pleats, etc… Wow. After all the incredible origami we’ve featured on Bit Rebels, I’m starting to think anything can be folded from a piece of paper. If you would like to check out all the pictures and progression of this project, you can click over to Shuki’s flickr or deviantART page. Shuki, you are talented beyond words!

Bug Made From Paper

Paper Fold Insect Art

Paper Fold Insect Art

Paper Fold Insect Art

Via: [This Is Colossal]