Origami Jedi Master Papercraft Yoda

I wrote a blog post the other day about how print designers are paper geeks. They are the Jedi Masters of appealing to the human senses of not only sight, but touch through textures that make our fingertips sing. A brilliant designer will maximize the use of quality papers masterfully in his or her printed designs in subtle ways. So much so that the experience of the users doesn’t subconsciously realize why they like it so much. They may think ooh I love it but it doesn’t occur to them to think about the complexity at which the nature of our tactile and visual senses combined are contributing to and enhancing that experience with, for example, a product’s packaging design or a promotional marketing piece used for direct mail and so forth.

Shortly after finishing the post about how important quality papers are to our world, my favorite Origami artist Jonakashmia uploaded his latest origami tutorial about how to make a Star Wars movie Yoda character to his YouTube channel. Have you seen this guy’s creations? He transforms pieces of fine paper, perfectly cut to size for his plan of attack, into some of the coolest recreations I have seen in Origami. The paper often has bright hues of color combinations. Sometimes he uses duplex colored paper that he masterfully and steadily folds. If you make it through his tutorial, it is like his hands are a human machine.

Now, I know that this level of skill didn’t happen overnight or in one try, but like I asked, did you see his Yoda? He’s now called Yodakashima after posting 200 plus videos challenges to his followers and fans to “DO OR DO NOT. THERE IS NO TRY.”


Via: [youtube.com/jonakashima]