Pacman Art In Brooklyn! – 100 Points for Eating a Human

What do you do on the weekends when you are feeling creative and adventurous? I usually ride my bike in a different part of town, make a new recipe in the kitchen with my son or go on a road trip to the mountains.

When Katie Sokoler, a photographer, designer and street artist from New York was feeling creative and adventurous a few weekends ago, so she decided to set up a real life Pacman game on the streets of Brooklyn, New York near her apartment. This cute Pacman art is just simply made out of poster board and tape.

As simple as it was, it caused quite a scene. Pacman has always been one of my favorite arcade games (it’s right up there with Space Invaders), and I wish I could have seen this, it looks like so much fun! According to Katie’s blog, here were the rules: 10 points for eating a pellet, 20 points for eating a cherry, 50 points for eating a ghost and a whopping 100 points for eating a human! Run humans, run!

Thank you for the pictures!