Paint The Sky | Giant Crayola Rockets

Every designer has, at some point, imagined a way to be able to paint the sky, their environment or even their own reality in a different color. Think what it would be like to paint a bad day in the colors of a great one. We can’t even paint the emotions we have, which some days really sucks. We’re living in a real world and that is, of course, not possible, but that doesn’t stop a few people from trying.

Jonh Coker, the designer behind this truly great idea, designed and manufactured an entire Crayola Rocket Box including 8 crayon rockets called “Crayola Rockets“. In his attempt to paint the sky, he managed to launch these rockets straight up in the sky to everyone’s entertainment. Of course the painting part was never successful.

The project got so much attention that John created this whole website dedicated to how you can build your own Crayola Rockets including all the security precautions you need to take, etc… It’s quite inspiring as a designer to see how he went out of his way to really get it all to line up just right and also how he managed to get the shape and colors just right for the whole package to really look like a real Crayola box full of crayons.

Is the next step for John to create the paint as well? Maybe start with a few fireworks Crayola rockets to see the potential, but the size of the rockets might blow up the sky before it’s even begun, but it’s still a thought. I would pay to see those rockets fire off. Just as inspiration for those gray little cells inside my head.