Paintbrush & Candy Box Packaging With A Little Flavor Savor

I quickly get sucked into packaging design that embraces a genuinely extraordinary concept. These are design solutions that are more than practical and beyond functional where art and craft collide with commerce. I also take notice when graphics and illustration flow together on all surfaces of whatever package I am experiencing, like the work of Simon Laliberté. Although a student, Simon’s paintbrushes caught my eye, and I chuckled at his thoughtful humor.

In his work, the Polius paintbrush packaging not only solves the practical problem of how stores present the merchandise on store shelves, but he also creates a clever way to up-sell the product line by housing two brushes packaged together. Did you notice that the second smaller brush becomes part of the illustration as the ‘flavor savor’ hair on the chin? The mustache is fun too. It’s combined with his hand drawn illustrations of the faces of men and then the brush hairs are dyed to mimic different hair colors. The only caveat to his design is that he didn’t create an alternative for the ladies who purchase brushes all the time… Cause’ I don’t know if my Grandpa would inspire me to buy his brush or not. Maybe he should have added a bearded lady for kicks and giggles.

His smiling Pépèrman candy box design was inspired by memories of his grandma eating candy with her dentures when he was a kid. His humor is completely subtle but oh so clever and elegant at the same time. Sadly, both of these designs are student work, but I think they could be produced with reasonable production costs for any entrepreneur daring enough to stand out with some thoughtful strategic packaging design from this young designer.

paint brush for home project

mans face drawing and mustache

minty fresh smiling mouth

hands tearing package open

Via: [Behance]