Personalities: Learn A Lot By Watching Someone Eat Corn

Every now and then we find little goofy nuggets on the Internet that we share with you just to give you a giggle and break up your day. The last time I wrote an article like that was a few months ago when I published this silly video about a woman born with 3 mouths.

Today it’s just a simple cartoon. I could try to get fancy and call it an infographic, but that would be a stretch. We’ve all seen the super fun yet completely meaningless personality tests online. You know, the tests that say stuff like if you can stand on one foot while saying your ABCs backwards it’s means you are going to be successful in life. I can do that by the way.

One night after I ate a bowl of pistachios for dinner, I even created and published a test like this myself. It’s called Nut Personalities – Which Nut Are You? Today; however, it’s all about corn-on-the-cob. Did you know you can tell a lot about someone’s personality by how he or she eats corn? Oh my gosh, I laugh every time I look at this. [Designer: Pleated-Jeans]

Corn Personality Types Funny Graphic