Photography: Do You Have Big Enough Hands For This Camera?

It’s not every day that someone decides something is too small, and they want to make it bigger, especially a lot bigger. I mean, today when everything is getting smaller, it’s kind of rebelish to go against the trend and bring on the something that people have never even seen. We all love digital cameras (if they are capable of taking photos in the RAW format that is), but they are becoming almost annoyingly small, and that creates a lot of problems with them.

Student designer Gil Adam had a an assignment in school where he was supposed to replicate something in a different scale. Even before he got the assignment, he already thought about the making a replica of his geekishly beautiful Holga 120 FN. It took him over a week just to find the right texture for the camera leather, so his dedication was spot on.

The camera, measuring a 3:1 scale, is of course not operational (even though that would have been totally badass), but by the look of it, you’d never know the difference. I wonder what the check-in people at the airport would say if they saw this in someone’s carry-on luggage. I mean, after all, it’s only a camera, right? Gil spent over one and a half months building this insanely awesome Holga camera, and to me it’s flawless. Just the fact that it’s almost as big as his dog is mind numbing!

Via: [Make Online]