Photography: Wild Monster Halloween Make-Up Preview

Halloween is really the only time of year when we get wild and crazy with make-up, right? At least for me it is. It’s a night when anything goes, and there are no limits to the interesting ways that make-up can be applied.

The young French blogger and artist known as Wild Monster recently took these shots of herself wearing creative make-up. Inspired by Lady Gaga, she calls this collection of photography “Day and Night.”

She admits to using a touch of Photoshop to create the blue and yellow background in these photographs, but they are inspiring regardless. Everything I’ve seen about this artist is written in French, but from what I can figure out, she is only 17 years old! Wow!

If you are like me and want to try some new make-up looks for Halloween this year, these photographs will surely give you some ideas. One thing I learned from looking at these is that it’s all about the eyes. You can do so much with make-up to create many different looks for eyes. Also, don’t be afraid to branch out and use a variety of colors. So many times on Halloween people stay within the boundaries of black and orange. As you see below, there truly are no limits, especially with color. Go ahead, get wild and crazy and let your creative side shine!

[via The Trendy Girl]