Photography: X-Ray Technology Turned Into Art

X-ray photography is so cool, isn’t it? The society we live in is very image oriented, but looking at an x-ray takes us behind that image. It takes us to a place we normally don’t critique or even see. When a photographer makes an effort to create artistic photographs from something as personal and intimate as an x-ray, things can really get interesting.

In this article entitled Sexy Skeletons In High Heels, the photographer attempted to create seductive, sexy photographs from x-rays. They were very fascinating pictures to look at, and that article was fun to put together.

Nick Veasey is another photographer that likes to incorporate x-rays into his work. I find it to be even more relevant now since it seems like everywhere we go we get “x-rayed” with some sort of security or surveillance. On his official website, Nick says, “To create art with equipment and technology designed to help big brother delve deeper, to use some of that fancy complicated gadgetry that helps remove the freedom and individuality in our lives to create beauty brings a smile to my face.” Below is just a small sample of his photography. I hope you will visit his website where you will find a lot more inspiration. Thank you, Nick. This is really cool stuff!