Photoshop | Breast Enhancement

I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears when I came across this…let’s say interesting Photoshop tutorial. In my quest to cover everything a retouch artist could ever want to learn I have now found and come to the “Breast Enhancement” tutorial. Yup, that’s right. Just as he says in the tutorial it is by far the most requested tutorial so it was a matter of time before this one would come along. Even though I personally think it’s quite sad that this tutorial even has to be written/shared I think the demand speaks for itself on this one.

In just a few steps we’re taking a photo with a bikini clothed model with fairly regular sized breasts and boost them up to something only seen in “Baywatch” or some other really fixated and plastic series or movie. Once again the “Liquefy” tool is used and with it some amazing results can be achieved. Also the “Burn” and the “Smudge” tool is used to make more depth in the…picture.

I guess the tutorial speaks for itself and there isn’t much I can really say more than…uhh…enjoy!