Photoshop | High Fashion Cross Processing Effect

I usually correct, fix, modify and enhance photos in my daily work in order to make images fit with the designs and color schemes that I implement on the websites I am creating. Now it can sometimes be a very time consuming process to achieve certain look that will actually enhance the photo instead of just adding brightness and contrast. There are several tutorials out there that will take your photos from a fairly mundane look to something seen in a high fashion magazine like Vogue for example.

I have tried to find tutorials that really goes in to depth of how to increase your work flow as well as an enhanced result at the end. As always, you should really work with these settings yourself and not just copy them straight off. If you do you will quickly find that the result isn’t exactly the same. Why? Well it’s because every photo has a a different color scheme and the lighting in the photo could be way more bright or even a lot darker which will give you an entirely different result in the end.

So, play around with the sliders a bit to make sure you find what works best for your photos. This way you also learn how best to apply these different effects. You will even be able to utilize them in several other ways as you know exactly what they are capable of. So, practise and give it a go. Enjoy!

High Fashion | Cross Processing Effect

Lomo Effect