Photoshop | Is this how Santa makes it snow?

We’re soon entering the magic month of December and with it comes what ever kid has been waiting for all year. Yup, Christmas and presents. But lately I must say that Christmas is not the same of it is not snowing. When I was little it seemed to be a set date when it would start to snow here in Sweden. Lately it’s not the standard anymore to have snow on Christmas at all which I think is really sad. But, I guess Santa came around to my house a little earlier this year giving me a snow tutorial to check out (must mean I have been good this year, yay!)

Without snow Santa Clause has nothing to put down his sled on when delivering Christmas presents and we can’t have that can we. In this tutorial you will learn how to enhance and make it snow in your pictures. I think the effect is really photo realistic and as soon as I saw it I think of two things. Coca Cola and another soda that is the most selling soda here in Sweden during Christmas, “Julmust”. The magic of snow takes me back to my younger years… If only I could get that Star Wars Lego Falcon ship for Christmas this year… Enjoy!