Photoshop | Make Popart from your Photos

Are you one of those that have grown tired of constantly perfecting your photos using the various Photoshop tutorials that shows you how to enhance each and every part of your body and soul? Well, you’re not alone. Anyone that says that they don’t want to perfect just about everything they are not happy with is just plain lying. I for one can stand up and say that I am a perfectionist and whenever I go for a photoshoot I make sure they always pick the “Best” picture and photoshop out any beautimarks or whatever I might have that day.

Well, in this tutorial you don’t have to think about any of that. This is a pure artistic tutorial which will show you how to make real art of your photos rather than those ever so perfected photos of yourself or the ones you love. Anyways, what is perfect? isn’t it individual to each and everyone? My beliefs is such anyways.

I am sure that if you have a big (resolution) enough photo you can really make some nice wall art using this tutorial and then get it printed by any local printing service. Kinko’s is a nice place to get stuff like this done. Fairly cheap as well. If your photos happen to be the lower resolution kind then it’s quite alright anyways as you can just create some pixelated art with it and possibly even blow away people doing that.

Either way, whatever you decide to do you can use this tutorial to get you started. Enjoy!