Piperoid Paper Pipe Robots: Fun with Paper Tubes!

I love paper art. Its a great way to recycle! There are so many things now that we can do with paper as art. For example, we have the famous origami from Japan, and also the pop up paper books that are so much fun to read. It has been a dream for me to make my own pop up book. I wish I had the time to create one. It is one art form that really takes a lot of time, but it would definitely be lots of fun!

I found a neat toy called Piperoids. They are a tube-like papers that allow you to create different kinds of paper toys. How awesome is that? Piperoids are desk-sized robotic characters made entirely from colorful paper pipes. Starting with a handful of tubes and a pair of scissors, you can build a Piperoid in roughly 30 minutes via a series of cuts and folds.

Because all Piperoid characters are built using the same diameter of pipes, pieces can be interchanged to create awesome hybrids. Furthermore, the absence of glue and tape allows you to move all of their joints.  Piperoids are a wonderful project for all scissor-wielding children and adults. They are available in a variety of styles.