Book Origami Typography: The Ultimate Inspiration

As a designer, you will find inspiration in everything that has a message. This means that pretty much everything you hear, see or feel will poke at your creativity and spark something that will be born into something new. It’s a process very much like life itself, and how it begins. But all inspiration doesn’t result in things that are amazingly cool, beautiful or extraordinary. Sometimes you will find yourself bound to the source of the inspiration without a new perspective to give to it.

Those are the times when you have to stop looking and start feeling. Our visual impressions of things are superior in information flow, but a feeling or a noise (music for example) can generate as much inspiration as if you were to see it with your own eyes. So instead of trying too hard, just submit to the source, and you will be fine. When combining everything, you can sometimes come up with something that is so oddly beautiful and amazing that you really wonder why you haven’t stumbled over it before.

That’s exactly the thought I had when I first saw Isaac Salazar‘s Book Origami Typography. To imagine that one man sat down and started folding the pages of a book until the result was something out of this world is just mind boggling. Sure, there are things out there that will make you go wow, but things like this are just pure inspiration, and it twists your mind to the point where you start to ignore the fact it was folded and not cut.

Of course, this will do great damage to your favorite books if you were ever to endeavor into this area of advanced origami. However, it sure is the greatest attribute to your book shelf if you ever thought about making it a bit more stylish to complement your already inspirational interior design. Amazing is simply not a big word enough. Don’t forget to check out Issac’s Flickr website for more awesome creations!