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I’m a very visual person and I get a lot of inspiration from looking at beautifully designed websites. Since I am not a designer, I often take for granted all the behind the scenes work that has to happen for a website to function properly. To me, it just works. To Pixelcrayons, it is a meticulous process of taking a designers beautiful creation and turning it into the code necessary so the website can display and operate exactly as the designer envisions. They take a lot of pride in their work, and it shows in their reputation.

We are very fortunate to have Pixelcrayons as an advertiser and supporter of this blog, and I was excited when Richard asked me to interview Manish Rawat about this whole process. Aside from the business aspect of this interview, I was most impressed with the amazing people that work at Pixelcrayons. They are truly one big family and as you’ll see in the pictures, they have a lot of fun at their office!

You can learn more about Pixelcrayons by clicking on the green rectangle to the right of this article, or by visiting http://xhtml.pixelcrayons.com.


Bit Rebels (Diana Adams): Thank you, Manish, for taking the time for this interview today. We are excited to feature you on Bit Rebels. I’m a newbie to this process, so if you had to describe what Pixelcrayons does in one sentence, what would that be?

Manish: Thank you for interviewing us for Bit Rebels. We are excited about this. Pixelcrayons offers high quality hand coded pixel-precise markup services and implementation into skins, themes, CMS, shopping carts and more. We accept files in all common formats (PSD/AI/PNG/PDF) and even existing markup.

Bit Rebels (Diana Adams): Can you explain in detail to me what the process is? When a designer gives you their work, what exactly do you do with it?

Manish: Sure! First one of our project managers is assigned to the project. He looks at the order and requests any additional information that might be needed. Then, a markup expert assesses the project. Now it’s time for the markup developer to get involved and he begins the actual markup process. When he is finished, the project gets passes on to our QA team who checks the work to make sure it meets all of our standards for quality, and any changes are made by the markup developer at that point. Once the QA puts their stamp of approval on the work, it is passed back to the project manager who then delivers it to the client. It’s quite a simple process really.

Bit Rebels (Diana Adams): Wow, that is incredible. It sounds like you have the whole process streamlined. So what is your favorite aspect of it all? I bet it is gratifying to see the end product.

Manish: Conceptualization and the brainstorming session is our favorite aspect of the whole Pixelcrayons process because this is the area where we put most of our effort by being creative, distinct and authentic to serve the unique and distinct needs of our clients. It is always gratifying to see your imagination taking shape in the real world and our efforts bringing accolades for us.

Bit Rebels (Diana Adams): I know you’ve been in business for five years, but paint a little picture for us. How many employees do you have? How many clients?

Manish: Yes, we have been in business since 2004. We have serviced over 1,800 clients from 38 different countries! We are proud to say that we have 120 full time staff members at the moment. Our clients love us because not only do we provide the quality they are looking for, but we also offer 100% privacy (all work is done under a non-disclosure agreement) and we offer a satisfaction guarantee or money back.

Bit Rebels (Diana Adams): Tell us a little bit about your office. Where is it located? Does everyone go to lunch together? What are the working hours?

Manish: We are located in Udhyog Nagar, New Delhi, India, our office ‘Vinove Software and Services’ is a fast growing company which behaves as a second home to all of us. This is a place where all of our employees work together with dedication. Each one of us enjoys every moment of being here and working here. The relationship between team members and their seniors is extremely friendly. The work contributed by each one of us is highly valued and appreciated by our supervisors. Yes, eating together, chatting together or getting to socialize is what we encourage for everyone. We work 24/7. The company offers an open and free work environment. We make sure that the office is like a second home to our employees, with the same warmth, comfort and care.

Bit Rebels (Diana Adams): What if someone needs help with the actual design process? Do you assist with that also or how do you handle that aspect?

Manish: Yes, if someone needs help with the design process, we assist with that also! We have over 350 web design clients from all around the world. If someone contacts us through our website at http://xhtml.pixelcrayons.com, we will provide them with the specific information they need about this.

Bit Rebels (Diana Adams): What if a client wants to see samples of your work before hiring Pixelcrayons, is that possible?

Manish: Yes, of course. Anyone can view samples of our work here: http://xhtml.pixelcrayons.com/portfolio.html If they need to see something specific that is not listed on that page, they can just request it and we will provide samples to them.

Bit Rebels (Diana Adams): What other business or company would you consider to be your role model? When you think about the future of Pixelcrayons, who do you look up to in business and why?

Manish: When a company starts relying on the possibility of coming up with a winning formula and forming its strategy reactively to keep up with the existing competition, it starts losing its uniqueness. We like to build our own individuality and work with originality. We think that taking inspiration from someone is similar to adopting their ideas. We don’t do that. We think for ourselves and we do for ourselves. We believe in becoming a role model for other companies and are pretty happy to see the achievements of Pixelcrayons up until now.

Our expert staff at Pixelcrayons will work with more zeal and passion to serve clients even more in the future. Be ready to see and hear some major milestones achieved by Pixelcrayons very soon.

Bit Rebels (Diana Adams): Where do you see Pixelcrayons in the next five years? Any juicy new things you can share with us all?

Manish: What we have achieved in the past five years, we aim to achieve more than double in the next five years. We see Pixelcrayons attaining new heights, setting new benchmarks and creating a threat for its competitors in addition to leading the industry. Vinove is a company where we give equal importance to recreational activities and do not miss out any chance to enjoy and experience that. There are events, and celebrations, all the time, and there is never a dull moment in our office.

Let us share with you one of the most interesting events of our company that we organized and participated in the month of September. Every member of Pixelcrayons took an active part in the celebration and had a blast. It was the occasion of our company’s foundation day celebration. We celebrated for five continuous days, with every new activity each day. Our company has its birthday on 10th of September and we started our celebration on the 8th, and we continued partying until the 12th of the September. Every member of our company was overjoyed and thrilled with the kind of fun and experience we had. That was, without a doubt, one of the best moments spent in our office to date.

Bit Rebels (Diana Adams): For our last question, I would like to ask you to tell us something interesting about Pixelcrayons that our readers would never know unless they read this interview. Can you share something like that with us?

Manish: The most interesting news which I am sure will interest your readers and Twitter followers would be our remarkable client retention success for this quarter. This quarter Pixelcrayons has marked 98% client retention. In this time of uncertainty, Pixelcrayons has not only gained new clients, but also managed to keep its old clients intact. All of this has become possible because of the quality of the work that we deliver, and our attention to detail when it comes to servicing our clients, which we practice every day.

Thank you to Manish Rawat and Pixelcrayons for this wonderful interview and for all their support of Bit Rebels!