Pororoca – Amazingly Designed & Animated Fiction Sea Organisms

Everyone that knows me knows that I am a sucker for realistically animated short movies. I take every free second I have to find something that will boost my inspiration. Sure, we still have an inch left until we’re touching reality in its true sense, but I’m a huge supporter of realistically portraying the world. Why? Cause it will help humanity to push boundaries. Our imagination is the sharpest and most important tool for the world to use to solve all our problems, but sometimes we can’t put it all into context in real life. Realistically animating it will help people understand the concept, which in turn, will catapult someone to actually find a way to do it in real life. Just look at Star Trek, Star Wars and all of those movies. We have countless technologies now that originated in those movies, and it will never stop.

I recently found a beautiful and totally awe inspiring short move called “Pororoca” (which is a powerful tidal wave or bore phenomenon). I can’t stop watching it cause I want to find something that reveals the clip to be animated but I can’t, yet it is.

Pororoca is a wondrous and gigantic leap in animation and a beautiful canvas of colors. The clip was created by two people doing what they love and it shows. Scott Pagano (Designer, Animator and Director) has truly mastered the art of depicting wild life even though it’s fiction. The soundtrack makes the whole thing even more addicting and amazing. Laura Escudé (Producer, Composer and Violin Player) has done a wonderful job catching the essence of this rich short movie.

I think we’ll be seeing a lot more from these people. After all, they touch the same quality, if not better, that we all enjoyed in the movie Avatar by James Cameron. This is another step in human technology that I think we’ll see coming up sooner than later…