Portraits On The iPad – It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

When it comes to electronic gadgets, people tend to see them as bulky and proprietary machines that can’t match the one thing we’ve had for hundreds of years, the pen. To write, draw, sketch or express ourselves, the easiest thing to do is just use a simple pen. When the iPad was launched, a lot of people frowned upon the uses of many of the apps. Some people said that they were simply larger and nothing else.

After not too long, we started seeing a change in that opinion; however, it hasn’t entirely switched. Then came all the photography apps, the ones that made us all professional photographers. However, we still wanted more. Then apps letting us sketch and draw came along. No one knew what to do with them except show their buddies that they could draw a stick figure on the surface of the iPad and it converted into a real stick figure.

Well, I think you will agree with me that after watching this little clip of David Jon Kassan doing a portrait drawing on the iPad, there is no doubt that the iPad is way better and faster to use if you are an artist. At least I am awestruck and will no longer doubt it’s power. It’s not the iPad that is lacking function… it’s the artist lacking skills.