Prepare To Be Blown Away | Artist David Hoang

I’ve featured many artists in Bit Rebels posts, but this one is special. Prepare to be blown away by his art, and even more so by his vision.

Seattle based visual artist, David Hoang, has found a way to successfully combine his two passions: Art and social media. Of all the social media sites, Twitter is his favorite because it “has a very human aspect.” One of David’s artistic talents is that he sees art when he looks at the words in a tweet. He is inspired to draw pictures from the words.

David is also inspired by avatars which led him to begin his hand drawn avatar series in September of 2008. He spends 20-30 minutes hand drawing the avatar of a person, trying to capture that person’s personality and uniqueness into the drawing itself. Then, he chooses a song that fits the drawing and the style of that person and creates a YouTube video showing the whole process of his art making.

Most recently, David founded Xhatch (pronounced cross-hatch) at According to David, this site is an online art guide and resource for all art enthusiasts ranging from people just beginning their journey into art all the way up to professionals. The content is user generated and the site is built around the feeling of community and education.

When I was researching David and his work for this article, one thing that really stood out to me is what a down to earth good guy he is. I know he will go far wherever his creativity takes him. He also has an awesome sense of humor, as illustrated in the third video below which will have you doubled over laughing. According to his site, the two biggest influences in his life are Batman’s voice and the Beastie Boys.

David, we are some of your biggest fans. We will be following your work and cheering you on! We hope you stop by every now and then to say hello. Thank you for the inspiration!

You can follow David on Twitter at @davidhoang and @xhatch. Like many of us, he may not answer his phone, he may not check his email, but he always sees his tweets! His site is

All three of these videos are fantastic. You will notice some of our friends in his collection of hand drawn avatars.