Preserve Your Old Photos – Why It’s Important & How You Can Do It

Many of us have a trove of old photographs sitting in storage at home, but very few will take the time and care to preserve them properly. Sadly, this means that many vintage pictures become faded or damaged, leaving them in sore need of image restoration by a professional studio.

Why is it so important to preserve these photographs anyway? Keep reading to find out why you should be mindful about storing your photographs, and how you can take care of them so you can share them with friends and family.

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Sharing Precious Memories With Others

Photographs are a wonderful way to relive significant events in our lives, like weddings and graduations. They’re a way to pass down stories from one generation to another, giving our children (or our children’s children) a glimpse into the happiest moments you’ve had.

This is especially true for those who want to remember and honor loved ones who have already passed away. For many people, pictures are one of the few remaining ways that they keep that sentimental connection alive. That’s why it can be devastating when an old photo is damaged beyond repair.

Preserving A Family’s History And Heritage

Photographs also capture a family’s history and its traditions that are passed down over the years. For many, they are proof that their ancestors came from certain places and followed age-old customs that define a family’s identity and heritage.

It creates a stronger sense of self and helps later generations get in touch with their roots, especially for those whose family is scattered around the world. Many people yearn for insight into their ancestry, and photos help them learn more about their background and culture.

Giving Valuable Historical Information To Students

Old photographs have plenty of historical details or capture significant events, such as what people wore during a certain period or what cities used to look like. This is why many scholarly archives take great pains to preserve and restore old photographs.

In many cases, they are the most reliable proof of when things took place and what may have occurred. Many historical facts have been established or confirmed thanks to photos!

Tips To Preserve Your Photographs

Now that you know why it’s important to keep your photographs in mint condition, here are some ways that you can preserve these keepsakes. By following these tips, you will keep detail and color from fading – your photos will look as beautiful as ever, even years or decades down the line!

Maintain Proper Storage Conditions

There are three factors that you need to control in any space where you store your photos: temperature, humidity, and light.

The temperature needs to be kept fairly cool and constant, as big changes in temperature can make paper and ink degrade faster. As a general rule, make sure your photos are in a space with a temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit or colder.

Your storage area should also have moderate humidity. Very dry air will make photos brittle, while overly humid air will allow mold to grow or make photos stick to each other. The National Archives and Records Administration recommends storing photos in places with higher than 15% relative humidity and lower than 65% relative humidity.

Meanwhile, light breaks down images over time and makes them fade, so make sure to reduce light exposure. – keep your photos away from UV and fluorescent light as well. If you want to display your photos, make sure they’re kept away from direct sunlight!

Select The Right Containers

Photo albums and frames minimize exposure to acid and light for best preservation. Don’t use tape or glue to affix your photos to your albums, nor should you use paper clips or rubber bands to bind them together – there is a chance that they will crack or get stuck to each other.

Ideally, photos should be kept safe, dry, and separately from each other. Archival paper is best for mounting and storing old photographs.

Find A Safe, Secure Room In Your Home

Be aware of potential dangers to your photographs! Avoid storing your photographs in areas where they’ll be exposed to appliances, insects, and rodents. Attics and basements are actually terrible places for storing photos, as they may be prone to leaks or flooding. Also, keep your photo containers off the floor as much as possible.


Old photos are a great way to preserve personal memories and pass on historical information. Museums and families alike benefit from properly caring for old photographs and keeping them pristine!

Go through your photo albums and see if some pictures need restoring. With a little care and help from a professional studio, you can enjoy looking at your photos for many years to come.

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