Qwerty Walls Are More Than Hypnotic

How many times have you looked at the walls around you and thought to yourself, “This is really depressing, maybe I should put up some new wallpaper!” It must be more than a few, right? I mean, people in general get tired of the trends, and what was “in” yesterday might be really “out” a week later. Change is good for inspiration, and we should not fear it. However, there is another level of creativity when it comes to decorating or redesigning our homes. It’s a level that most people never even come close to, and it’s usually reserved for the edgy and optimally experimenting artists out there.

Such experimenting is exactly what Sarah Frost put her mind to, and the result is somewhat hypnotic in nature. We know that geeks do a lot of crazy things with technology, but if crazy means hacking something to make it better, Sarah is definitely on a path of her own. She took seemingly thousands of computer keyboards, smashed them into pieces, and used the keys to make her very own wallpaper. That is, if wallpaper is even what you would call this.

The Qwerty Wall is definitely something that you will be able to look at for days and days without getting bored. Find random words, get lost in the color shifts or just marvel over the insane creativity this artwork has to offer. It must have taken quite some time to put up all the keys on the wall, so that alone makes this piece a stunning display of dedication. So where does this all end? No one knows, but Sarah keeps creating her qwerty walls to keep people imagining the impossible.

The Qwerty Wall Artwork Piece

The Qwerty Wall Artwork Piece

Via: [RecyclArt]