R2-D2, Spidey, TARDIS & Pikachu Custom Geek Sneakers

We’ve probably written at least a hundred articles about shoes over the past few years, and many of them were written by me. I can’t help it. I’ve got a thing for shoes, and when I see geeky ones, I have to share them with you. I wonder if I could talk Richard into creating a category on Bit Rebels just for shoes. I have a feeling I shouldn’t push my luck on that one, but in the meantime, I’ll keep writing about them so we can oooow and ahhhh over them together.

Yvonne Garcia (ShoesbyLADY), an artist from Orlando, is new to Etsy. According to her profile, she just signed up for her account there about two weeks ago, and she hasn’t even finished filling everything out yet on her page. She’s only got four things listed in here store so far, but they are so unique and fabulous that I have no doubt she is about to get very popular very fast.

She buys Mossimo Supply Canvas Flat Sneakers and hand paints them with acrylic gloss paint and a varnish finish. Every pair of shoes she paints is made to order and custom. The four pairs she currently has in her store are Spider-Man, R2-D2, Pikachu and TARDIS. At only $40 for each pair, you might even consider getting two. I wonder if she could make me some Wonder Woman or Hulk sneakers. If so, I’d wear them all the time! You can click on the images below to enlarge them, and zip over to her Etsy Store to read more.

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Via: [So Geek Chic]