Radiator Cup | Keep Your Hands Cool

I’m sitting here working with a jar of mini Oreos and a hot steaming cup of tea. Whenever I drink tea bought at Wayne’s Coffee or Starbucks, I always get one of those nifty heat shields that is so common at coffee houses nowadays. But what do you do when you’re at home and you don’t want to use those small coffee cups or teacups with no handle? Either you don’t use them or you use them and burn your hands off. It’s really only one of those two choices.

Designer Stephen Reed came up with a better idea. Taking inspiration form what’s almost in everyone’s home, and refining it to fit the occasion, he managed to create a heat sink cup. The inspiration is of course drawn from the heat sink found in most electric appliances, especially computers. The “fins” dissipate the heat and work as heat sinks on a processor heat sink, it makes sense, so why wouldn’t it work on a cup of hot tea?

It’s quite a simple solution to a widespread problem. Not that we all only have cups without handles, but usually those bigger mugs that fit a half days worth of hot beverages in them don’t have handles, so this could really come in handy. I kinda like the design as well, all edgy and cool.

The cup can be purchased right HERE for just $24 if you feel the need to be able to enjoy your tea, coffee or whatever hot beverage you intend to drink.