Recycle Those License Plates Into Retro Bowls!

Recycling is important nowadays and people are very conscious of how they dispose of their unwanted belongings. This is, of course, thanks to the many blogs and write ups that educate people about the importance of how their daily actions affect the environment. At a conference that I was fortunate to have attended, I heard a talk by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). They spoke to us about the importance of doing small things that have a big impact on our environment, as well as the wildlife that we live with in the world. Things like turning off our computers when they are not in use and removing the plug from our mobile phone chargers when our phones are fully charged can make a big difference.

There are a lot of ways to really do our part, and one of the best ones is to recycle the things we feel we do not need anymore and make them into something useful again like the way that I found over at Recycle Art. The website showcases great ideas about how people from all over the world transform old items into an art form. Some of the items that caught my attention are the license plates that were transformed into fruit bowls. One of the best ways to add flavor to our homes is to add small pieces that can complement our theme. The letters and the numbers and the different colors of the license plates add so much texture and character to an ordinary fruit bowl. I think its absolutely beautiful and ingenious.

Source via [Recycle Art]